Stan’s How to Study Class (after school program)

Middle School and High School Administrators:

Would you like to host Stan’s How to Study Class: After School Program at your school or community organization?

We would love to serve families in your community. There is no cost for you, a school or community organization, to host Stan’s How to Study Class: After School Program. See the three easy steps below to set up a program. 


  • An in-person after school class designed to help students succeed in school
  • Students are equipped with easily implementable study skills, strategies, and actions that aim to have an immediate impact on the student’s academic performance
  • The one-day class is conveniently located at the host school and typically is scheduled from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. — we provide snacks for the students.


  • Middle School Students (6th grade and up) – improve your academic performance in middle school and likewise get a head start on fine-tuning the study skills you’ll need to be successful in high school. The study skills you develop in middle school play a critical and direct role on your academic performance in high school
  • High School Students – grades and the rigor of your high school classes are fundamental to the college admissions process.  Having strong study skills serves as the foundation for earning great grades in school
  • Bonus: Parents/guardians of enrolled students are invited to sit in on the class at no charge. We want parents/guardians to be able to reinforce the material at home.


  • Improved grades in school (which, by the way, increases your chances for scholarships, admission to academic programs, and future job opportunities)
  • Less stress, particularly with regard to completing school assignments
  • Greater confidence on the part of the student in terms of his or her ability to do well in school


  • Goal setting
  • Organization skills
  • Time management
  • Note-Taking
  • Communicating with Teachers
  • Preparing for Quizzes, Tests, and Papers


A staff member from provides the instruction


Case study#1


Richard is a “B+” student. Yet his parents and teachers know he can easily be an “A-“ or “A” student. What can Richard do?


Stan’s How to Study Class can provide Richard with strategies to improve his study habits, which stands to positively impact his results on school assignments and ultimately improve Richard’s grade point average (GPA). Stan’s How to Study Class will not only help Richard perform well in high school, but also the class will give Richard a competitive advantage by preparing him to meet the increased demands and rigor of college.

Case study#2


Tyler is in middle school and is just learning how to study. Her parents recognize the importance of good study skills in order for Tyler to be successful in both middle school and high school. Tyler’s parents want her to go to college. Her parents are willing to invest in Tyler’s education and personal development at an early age because they know it will pay off in the future.


Tyler’s mom and dad are spot on. Tyler’s parents know that 50 to 60 percent of a student’s success in school results from strong study skills, not raw intelligence.


Stan’s How to Study Class: After School Program is generally structured as a parent self-pay program. Schools may also choose to establish a contract with us for their students. The average cost per student ranges between $75-$125, which includes the class instruction, program packet, and snacks. The price variation is based on some customization that might be required at different school locations. The after school program focuses on the high-impact points of our full-day program, and for that reason, we are able to offer the after school program at a lower price.


STEP 1: Complete our client input form or call us at 404.869.1290 and tell us who will participate in the program.

STEP 2: Let us know when and where you would like to host a class and designate classroom space for the program.

STEP 3: We will provide you with a flyer about the program for the parents/guardians of your students to register online.

Parents and Guardians,

Click this link to find your school or organization and sign-up your student for a 2019-2020 Stan’s How to Study Class: After School Program.

Testimonials about Stan’s How to Study Class

“I’m in 9th grade, currently attending Alpharetta High School. this class has helped me immensely already; it has improved my time management skills, study skills, and more! I am very happy that I took this class, it (what I learned in this class) will stay with me, and help me for years to come.”

Will, 9th Grade Student, Alpharetta, Georgia


“Fantastic class”

Matthew, 11th Grade Student, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


“Stan’s How to Study Class was very useful and informative! It offers students a system of strategies that can positively impact their success by the use of practical tips involving goal setting, organization, time management and much more. We look forward to fully implementing the study plan for our students to promote better study habits and a more disciplined approach to academic achievement.”

Shawnell Bradshaw, Assistant Principal- Whitt Elementary, Wylie, Texas


“This course was wonderful, as it highlights many techniques I enforce at home with my children. I believe it is important for parents to model exemplary behavior for our children as they develop academically. Offering opportunities for engagement with our children and academic professionals is simply icing on the cake.     My daughter benefitted from this course through listening, asking pertinent questions, and observing her peers simultaneously.     I HIGHLY recommend this course for children, teens and adults who want to gain an edge on becoming more academically efficient.”   Rev. Regina Franklin-Basye, Mdiv., MS, FT, Dallas, Texas    __________

“How to Study (class) was very useful and hopefully hearing it from a new authority/voice will be extremely useful. Stan was very enjoyable to listen to.”

Jynette Neal, Parent, Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, Dallas, Texas


“My 11 year old daughter was engaged all four hours. Fantastic and useful information.”

Monica Brooks, The Hockaday School, Dallas, Texas


“I have known Stanley for over 30 years and I have attended this session. He provides some incredible tools/resources/insights to help our children study better and be prepared to excel in the classroom. I can assure you, it will be time/money very well spent.”

Christopher Plumlee, President, Elevate Strategy Group, Murphy, Texas


“This class was a wonderful value for students and parents alike.  I especially enjoyed the way Stan carefully tailored the content for each participant.  He demonstrated tangible strategies, team engagement and real world examples to get the points across.  Often the classroom rigor can be overwhelming for my sons, but since learning the “winning habits”, we have immediate and long-term resources to implement at home and school.  I believed we walked away with personalized tools for success!”

Danielle Wesley, Chapter Representative of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., Murphy Texas


“It was really helpful, and I will put these tips into my life.”

Zoe, Student, Greenhill School, Addison, Texas


“We really enjoyed the class and found it fun and helpful.”

Leigh Horan, Attorney and Parent of a middle school class participant, Dallas, Texas


“I enjoyed it, learned a great deal and appreciate it.”

Jonathan McClellan, Educator, Jack and Jill of America member, and Parent of a Hockaday School middle schooler, Dallas, Texas


“Very effective class that provides students with many of the skills needed to succeed in this hyper competitive environment our kids find themselves in these days.”

Mark Howard, Financial Services Executive and Parent of a Bishop Lynch High School student, Dallas, Texas


“This was an excellent course for me and my son. All of the topics were relevant and things he can begin to use today to improve his grades. I would recommend this course to others.”

Kimberly Hall, Parent of a High School Student, Allen Texas


“I enjoyed the fact that this was a very well organized presentation. The “step” were basic and very applicable. In each “step” there were “how to” explanations to attain success. Repetition and consistency are also established, which are great habits”

Parent of a Lake Highlands High School student, Richardson, Texas


“There was sooo much helpful information for everyone to use. Thanks for having this class!!”

Treasure B., Student, The Episcopal School of Dallas