Study Skills Tutoring for 6th-12th grade students

Stan’s How to Study tutoring provides students with one-to-one, personalized study skills coaching and tutoring in order to optimize their performance in school.

Our tutoring services are offered in-person or online. You can buy a one-time tutoring session or take advantage of our discounted 5-hour and 10-hour tutoring packages. With a tutoring package, parents, for instance, pay a one-time, flat fee for their student’s tutoring sessions. In turn, the student is able to access our tutoring services on an as needed and flexible basis — without having to bother with the administrative tasks associated with account set-up and billing. When your student depletes the hours in his or her “bank of time,” parents can re-up or expand the tutoring package.

Who is it for?

  • Middle School Students
  • High School Students

How does it work?

  • A study skills tutor meets with your student in-person or via video conference or both in order provide academic coaching and study skills training

What are the benefits?

  • Outside perspective and guidance to resolve academic performance issues or problems
  • Reduced stress between parent and student when it comes to a student having an accountability partner to effectively manage school assignments, exams, and papers
  • Experienced student advisor to support and empower students

How much does it cost?

I. In-person


II. Virtual (telephone and video conference)

$100/hour or save money and buy a tutoring package

III. Tutoring Packages

5-hour package $350

($80 x 5 hours   = $400) See the Subscription Terms & Conditions below.

10-hour package $600

($70 x 10 hours = $700) See the Subscription Terms & Conditions below.

Tutoring Services Terms & Conditions

Term A) You purchase a tutoring package during: July 1st – December 31st

Term B) You purchase a tutoring package during: January 1st – June 30th

Any unused hours may be carried over into the next term. Hours will be cancelled (with no refund) if not used during the next term.

Example: if you buy a 10-hour package in September (Term A) and only use 4 hours, then you can use the remaining 6 hours during Term B. However, if you do not use the hours during Term B, then you forfeit the service hours and you will not receive a refund.

A 48-hour (two-day) notice or lead-time is required for a tutoring session. If the request for a tutoring session is less than 48 hours from the desired time of the tutoring, the service may not be available and a surcharge of $30 per hour (on top of the normal tutoring fee) may apply.

How to get started?

Complete the client input form or call 404.869.1290 and tell us about your child’s need, issue, or situation. Stan or a representative will follow-up with you within 48hrs.

Note: There are a limited number of study skills performance tutoring slots available. We work on a first-come, first-served basis.


“We are grateful to Mr. Lemons for sharing his program/system with our son. It helped to close the door on old habits and open the door to new, productive ones. His system helped to view all of the educational experience through the lens of organization which paves the path to success. His system has built in life-savers as well with self-advocacy as its thrust. Our son has never approached school through this lens until now and we are excited to see the fruit it yields! Mr. Lemons is well-grounded and easy to approach which made the delivering of his system unintimidating and absolutely manageable. Thank you.”

Stacy Cianciulli, Parent and Dallas Independent School District Teacher