Writing2020: Effective Business Communication for Adults

Want to be More Successful in Business? This Writing Class Will Help You Get the Results You Want!

Did you know that it is possible to enhance your career through more effective written communication? If you would like to stand out among your peers and learn how to create meaningful and persuasive documents, this class will give you the fundamental skills you need to succeed.

What are the objectives of the Writing2020 class?

  • To teach participants the fundamental skills of written communication
  • To enable participants to write well in multiple formats, such as sales letters, research documents, memos, emails, proposals, and reports
  • To ensure participants gain confidence in written expression

What are the benefits of the Writing2020 class?

  • Communicating more effectively in writing
  • Being viewed as more professional by writing in a way that yields credibility to you, your thought processes, and the overall image of your company
  • Boosting your career as a result of more effective written communication
  • Standing out among your peers by having strong writing skills
  • Increasing your productivity and efficiency through accurate and concise communication
  • Saving time and money by getting your point across to others the first time
  • Developing a skill that is transferable to any industry or endeavor

Who should take the Writing2020 class?

  • Professionals who want to boost their careers through enhanced written communication skills
  • People who want to review the fundamentals of writing
  • Individuals who want help from a professional to strengthen areas of weakness in writing
  • People who desire a writing coach
  • People who recognize and value the importance of written communication skills in their personal and professional lives

What do you learn in the Writing2020 class?

  • The 10 secrets to writing: proven steps to make writing more enjoyable
  • Core grammar skills that every good writer should know
  • How to communicate your message using accurate and concise sentences
  • How to write persuasive and compelling memos, email messages, and reports
  • How to use active voice to punch up your writing
  • How to write winning sales letters and cover letters

How is the Writing2020 class structured?

For Individuals:

  • Live, online webinar classes
  • Six-week class with one 60-minute session per week
  • Writing and grammar assignments throughout the class

For Corporations and Government Agencies (Private Training):

  • Customized class at your location
  • Interactive classroom environment
  • Writing and grammar assignments throughout the class